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Single Handed Summer

Well it has been a great summer so far and I've been able to spend two weeks single handed around the Bay just before Christmas with numerous overnighters thrown in for good measure.

I have put a couple of videos etc up on the facebook page ( but figured an update to this website is long overdue.

2016 will see Tondy celebrate her 40th birthday and although she isn't as shiney as she once may have been, she certainly is enjoying herself and I hasten to add that she looks a darn sight better than some of the 10 year old boats I see around the place these days.

The beauty of Single handed sailing is that you get to eat whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want and for me 5 crumbed lamb cutlets and red wine from a tumbler did the job nicely one night. My wife is a great cook but sometimes the salad and fine china just aren't required.

You also get a great opportunity to do lots of little maintenance jobs that you wouldn't do if you were entertaining friends and family.

I finally got all the new mooring components installed.

All this fun and games does tend to take it's toll on the old girl, (just check the deck paint in the shot above) so I hope to do a number of maintenance and renovation / rejuvenation projects as we come into autumn and winter so thatTondy ends up beautiful for her 40th birthday in October.

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