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Tondelayo's Permanent Crew


Master, Engineer,Deckhand,Security and general dogsbody: David Gill


1st Mate,Galley Chief,Cellar Master: Sandy Gill


2nd Mate, Deckhand, Social Director: Jessica Gill


3rd Mate, Deckhand, Adventure/Extreme Events Co-ordinator: Samantha Gill



Standing Orders for all who dare to step aboard!


In the interest of safety and proper vessel management please take a few minutes to read these Standing Orders.


1. Learn the location of safety equipment including life jackets, flares. Grab bags and life raft.


2. All valuables including wallets, passports and medications should be stored in the grab bag.


3. When crossing a bar always wear your life jacket but DO NOT attach your lanyard to the vessel.


4. At night always wear your life jacket and strobe light, always clip on and DO NOT leave the cockpit without waking another crew person.


5. In an emergency stay calm and NEVER activate flares, liferaft, EPIRBS or Mayday Calls without permission of the Master or person in charge.


6. If one desperately has an urge to smoke, please consider others by not smoking inside or within 200 meters of the Master. NEVER smoke near fuel, sails or LPG.


7. NEVER leave a burning stove unattended, a watched kettle does boil.


8. If in any doubt in any situation, wake the master and seek advice.


9. Take note of man overboard procedures.


10. Wear headphones with ipods etc to reduce cabin noise as there will always be someone resting or sleeping. Minimize noise on deck.


11. Practice engine starting, safety and radio procedures.


12. Inform the master if you are color blind of have poor vision.


13. Do not attempt to accept watchkeeping duties if you are fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.


14. No illegal drugs are to be carried on this vessel and you are to notify the Master of any prescription drugs in your possession.

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