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April 6th to May 2nd 2002: Jaltemba, Chacala,Mantanchen Bay,Mazatlan,Los Frailes,Muertos,La Paz

Tondelayo's 3 year adventure from USA to Australia is captured here. I found an archived web site that previous owner Andrew Cleveland had made so there's plenty of good reading here just by clicking on the PDF button.

3rd Nov 2001 to 5th April 2002: Ventura,Catalina,San Diego,Ensenada Mexico,SanQuintin,Cedros Island,Turtle Bay,Bahia Santa                                                           Maria,Cabo,Mazatlan,Isla Isabela,La Cruz,Zihuatanejo,Tenacatita,isla Pasavera,

May 3rd to May 29th 2002: La Paz,Agua Verde,Loreto

May 29th to June 23rd 2002: Isla Carmen,Bahia Conception,Bahia De Los Angeles

June 24th to July 16th 2002: Bahia de Los Angeles,Puerto Refugio,Puerto Penasco

July 16th to August 16th 2002: Puerto Penasco, Back to USA and into the Marina

Aug 16th to Sept 15th 2002: South to San Carlos

Sept 16th to Oct 12th 2002: San Carlos and back to Puerto Escondido

Oct 12th to Nov 4th 2002: Time in La Paz

Nov 5th to Dec 3rd 2002: Leaving la Paz, Puerto Vallarta, Zihua

Dec 4th to Jan 30th 2003: Life in Zihua, The British Drinking Team and heading South.

Jan 30th to Feb 28th 2003: El Salvador and South

March 27th to April 22nd 2003: Crossing Pacific from Isla Isabela in the Galapagos to Fatu Hiva, Marquesas,French Polynesia

May 12th to June 3rd: The Tuamotus

June 4th to June 17th 2003: Tahiti - Papette, The big city.

June 17th to June 24th 2003: The Society Islands - Moorea

June 23rd to July 10 2003: The Leeward Islands - Huahine,Tahaa and Bora Bora

July 9th to Aug 4th 2003: Rarotonga, Beveridge Reef and Niue- The road to Tonga

Aug 5th to Aug 14th 2003: Tonga- Bars Boats and Beautiful Anchorages

Tondelayo Home Page with links to 3 more posts up to 1st Dec 03 in Australia but I cant open or access the links.

April 22nd to May 10 2003; The Marquesas

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