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Tender Trailer Reconstruction

Ok so if you read the blog titled "Tender Trailer Deconstruction" you'll be keen to see if I was able to rebuild the "Tindelayo's" trailer.

I salvaged the stub axles and threw out the axle and springs.

I found a piece of galvanised pipe in the garden which cleaned up nicely for the axle and I stole the rims off my daughters car (that's another story for another time).

A new set of hubs, bearings etc set me back $88 and a new set of galvanised springs which slipped straight into the old hangers cost just under $45 each.

A couple of tins of Duragal spraypaint @ $16 each brought things up nicely and I lashed out on an LED number plate light $29.

Some yellow stringybark hardwood in the garage made two new skids which I put three coats of Aquadeck on before refitting the poly skid track to the tops.

I made and installed some copper pipe cutoffs as bushes for the skid brackets just to stop any unwanted rattles.

The rollers cleaned up with a bit of sandpaper and I fitted a new Dyneema winch rope and hook for about $20.

A flash new set of plastic mudgaurds cost $50.

So for just on $350 the trailer is now ready for many more trips and I shouldn't end up stuck on the side of the road broken down.

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