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Finally! A Bow Roller

Tondelayo has always had a bit of an issue either when at anchor or whilst laying on her swing mooring.

Her Bobstay (I've heard others call it the Dolphin striker) tends to get in the way of any type of snubber that I set up which usually consists of a 24mm Nylon bridle running through the forward fairleads.

As shown in this shot above, you can see how if the boat moves from side to side (due to variable wind direction) then the snubber ropes will end up hitting the bobstay which puts unwanted sideways load on the bobstay and also chafes the Nylon snubber lines.

I've always imagined that if I could fit a bow roller then this would allow me to run a snubber through it which would bring everything forward and out of the way of the bobstay.

So after thinking about it on and off for 6 years, I have finally come up with a solution that doesn't compromise the structural integrity of the bowsprit or it's surrounds and remains tucked away when I want to sit at the bow and dangle my feet over the side for the dolphins to jump at.

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